Bad Schoolgirl Masturbating Outside -Video-

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Hey guys JOIN UP to see the new video.

Also FYI, I am delaying customs for another week because I got my monthly friend 2 days ago :( . I was hoping to get back on track this week but my luck. UGH. Anyone want period customs? LOL. Just kidding! Or am I? LOL. At least I had a chance to get this video done in my two days between being sick and getting it.

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Hi guys, welcome to my site! I'm Ann, and this is my little home on the web. I'm not a professional model, I just started this site because I always liked the attention I got from guys, and I love showing off my body! There's so much to see inside. Come watch me play with myself and my friends :) The best part is, you can watch me live on cam 2x a week!

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